When faced with the challenges in preparing certain cases, it is essential to address complex financial, tax and accounting issues.  Forensic Insights LLC is able to sort through cumbersome data as well as organize and quantify pertinent financial information and provide expert witness testimony.  They are able to communicate accounting, tax & economic concepts in a clear and user-friendly manner.

The efforts before trial are often as important as the trial itself. As it relates to financial related issues, Forensic Insights LLC has the skills to assist in the discovery process by developing document requests and interrogatories, conducting interviews, assisting in pre-trial depositions, and reviewing and critiquing opposing counsel’s financial expert’s records.

Trial Preparation

While much time and effort is expended to identify issues and documents needed to support an attorney’s case, there is simply no substitute for proper trial preparation. Forensic Insights LLC is able to assist attorneys and their clients reach that point of readiness.

In addition to providing testimony and helping prepare counsel for cross-examination of other financial experts, they often assist in the preparation of financial trial illustrations, including comprehensive timelines, calculations and financial models.

In many instances, a case may settle during or before trial. Forensic Insights LLC’s participation in these efforts affords litigators the ability to quantify settlement proposals and alternative resolutions.

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