The role of a forensic team varies by project, circumstance, and purpose. These matters can include business transaction investigations, tax investigations, economic crime investigations and civil litigation support.

Forensic Insights LLC offers forensic accounting services based on experience, knowledge, and innovation.  Analytical skills and auditor’s intuition are used to piece together all relevant information to support your case.

As a client of Forensic Insights LLC you can expect:


Development of an understanding of the issues related to your engagement and collaboration with those involved in the case, including attorneys, investigators, business owners and others.

Courtroom Presence

A witness with the proper credentials and experience – someone who is confident, credible, persuasive and able to rise above the pressure of cross-examination.

A Detailed and Documented Written Report

A written report which includes a clearly-defined summary of findings and references to supporting documentation.  Reports are prepared with the expectation that your case will go to trial and will serve as the basis for expert witness testimony.

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